The Hong Kong Institute of Design by CAAU

By : Mark V | 1 Apr 2013 9:05 am | Education

At the beginning of 2006 there was a competition for the designing of the Hong Kong Institute of Design and the winners were Thomas Coldefy and Isabel Van Haute whose project offers a challenging and functional design.

The building is located in the Sai Kung district and the activity in the area is predominantly of a residential and commercial nature, with this building right in the central part of the Tiu KengLeng area. Its purpose is to offer a meeting place through the sport areas and auditoriums while also hosting the 4000 students in the campus and different exhibitions.

The predominant materials are concrete, steel and glass with a transparent design and a very large base hosts the “urban lounge” where there are plenty of green spaces. There is a steel trellis structure that was designed as to improve the stability of the towers while also offering support for the platform and the escalator. This structural system is an innovation that finds in this project its premiere use in Hong Kong. A green area can also be found on the roof which is designed as an urban park with different sports grounds at the visitors’ disposal.

The platform above the towers is designed as an autonomous unit and it hosts the library and the administration offices of the school along with several other adjacent rooms and a roof that is opened during the special events.


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