The Highlight Towers in Munich, Germany

By : Mark V | 15 Aug 2011 11:08 pm | Skyscrapers

An office building is not usually thought to be a lab bench for innovation but the Highlight Towers, two beautiful towers that are shifted against each other in Munich, Germany, are considered exemplary for new architecture in the city.  Murphy/Jahn, working with the engineer Werner Sobek and many other design partners are responsible for creating this urban landmark in one of Germany’s most important cities back in 2004.

Apart from the two main towers, the project also features two base buildings, which consist a four star hotel design hotel at the north and another office building at the south, separated from the towers. The two big towers, one 33 and the other one 27 stories high, are connected by two bridges made of glass and steel that can be added or taken away whenever needed.

Together with the exposed elevators and the stairs they provide the building with a dynamic and eye catching look. The two towers are placed in the middle of the site to avoid the noise and pollution produced by the ring road and, because of the their small footprints, most of the site was left open, allowing for landscaping that creates quality outside space.

Murphy/Jahn claims the steel structure of the towers has one of the highest slimness ratios in the world, 1 to 10. The smooth glass facades of the buildings appear to be light and transparent and provide a good exposure of the office space and great views of the surroundings from almost every corner of the  Highlight Towers.

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