The Hebil 157 Houses by Aytac Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 May 2013 3:58 pm | Homes

The Hebil 157 project consists of five luxury apartments in the city of Bodrum, Turkey and it was designed by the practice of Aytac Architects which is based in Istanbul.

The inspiration for the design was the flow of lava that poured from the Kos volcano and each villa was placed so as to take maximum advantage of the splendid scenery that is presented toward the bay. The ancient volcano is near the site and thus each villa has the form of a crystallized lava flow.

The ‘Bodrum White’ completes the project with a peaceful but imposing structure that springs itself from the terrain. There is also a central courtyard that is filled with local flowers and olive trees. The building takes advantage of the view that the garden provides through the use of abundant glass surfaces to create a link between the exterior and the interior.

Aside from the connection with the exterior, the interior space also tries to offer a fluid link between the areas and doesn’t use compartmentalization.



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