The Hearst Tower in New York City

By : Mark V | 8 Jun 2015 7:08 pm | Skyscrapers

The headquarters of the Hearst Corporation, and one of Manhattan’s landmarks, the Hearst Tower shelters some of the most famous publications and communication companies inside its glass walls.

The tower is actually composed of two buildings one on top of the other, and the first one was completed in 1928 by the architect Joseph Urban, for around 2 million dollars. Although it was thought of as just a foundation for a skyscraper, the building kept its original form for almost eighty years due to the financial problems that followed soon after it was built.

The second part of the building, the actual tower, was designed by Norman Foster (Foster + Partners), and it’s 182 meters tall with 46 stories with its encasing made out of steel triangular frames. It is also the first tall building in New York City with environmental cares in mind when it was planned, having rain water based cooling and heating, plus irrigation and even the main hall water fountain uses it.

Finished in 2006 this is the first skyscraper raised in New York after the 11 September 2001 incident, and it was awarded the prestigious Emporis Skyscraper Award for being the best skyscraper that was built in that year. It also was the first New York skyscraper to win the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design gold certification.

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