The Harold Way by Whipple Russell Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 May 2013 10:25 am | Apartments

The Harold Way project was designed by the practice of Whipple Russell Architects with a contemporary luxurious design that is very fitting for a bachelor pad.

Spreading over a surface of 4300 square feet, the apartment includes its own parking lot within the living space and it is located in the Hollywood Hills above the Sunset Blvd. on the Santa Monica Mountains.

The space is brilliant and the glass walls further reflect the rich colors and textures of the interior. The floor-to-ceiling windows surround the living areas and they offer splendid views of the city. The open floor plan surrounds a central fireplace that separates the living area from the dining space which features a motorized dining table, quite suitable for an owner who loves cars.

The illumination is increased through the use of reflective surfaces in the interior and through the white flooring and there are skylights throughout to create an abundant amount of light. The kitchen opens to a viewing deck and there is also a master suite and a home theater on the lower level.



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