The GT Tower East in Seoul, South Korea

By : Mark V | 13 Jun 2015 2:45 am | Skyscrapers

This spectacular office tower called GT Tower East is located in Seoul, South Korea and it was designed by Dutch architectural firm ArchitectenConsort that is based in Rotterdam. The tower is part of a bigger architectural concept, it will form a whole with the GT Tower West-this tower will be built soon.

The design of this tower is very impressive, the glass façade renders the idea of undulating waves and its incredible height and structure change the usual architecture that can be noticed in Seoul. The architects created a wonderful visual effect. The tower seems to be rising from the soil as if it moves at top and other beautiful effects are performed by the light that reflects in the glass, making the building seem impressive.

The skyscraper has multiple functions. It has 54,000 m2 of floor space, it works as the perfect provider of office spaces, but there is space for cultural and commercial uses as well. There is also an area reserved for parking. The people from ArchitectenConsort have taken into consideration the idea that this area is in a perpetual change that’s why they went for a flexible base plan.

The building is a promoter of sustainable design, the façade is insulated, solar panels are used for providing power while the spaces seem more pleasant thanks to the natural light and ventilation. GT Tower East creates an impression of flexibility due to its column structure and a compact core was placed in the middle of the floor plan. All these systems don’t seem to overwhelm the façade and the floor spaces are large allowing multiple uses in the future.

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