The Floating Dome Home is a must-see

By : Mark V | 6 Oct 2011 8:00 pm | Other

The Floating Dome is a premiere in the architectural field. It cruises between Hamburg and Berlin and it’s the copy of Zendome`s residential release. The architects first thought of the concept of a sailboat so the floating dome is set on a platform made of welded hull that resembles a dock…

The good news is that it also has an outdoor deck that complements the sleeping and living area made of pvc and aluminum. The aluminum makes the house be light weighted so it can easily float. It’s advisable to travel only on peaceful rivers because the materials couldn’t last on restless waters. The floating dome can also be attached to a sailboat.

It’s the ideal choice for a holiday, since you can see buildings on each side of the river, but if you plan to stay longer you can always choose the “homeland” edition of the floating dome or you can try to build it on dry ground.


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