The extraordinary Allianz Arena in Munich

By : Mark V | 24 Jun 2015 12:40 pm | Sport Arenas, Stadiums

Home of the two professional Munich football clubs: Bayern and TSV 1860, the Allianz Arena is located in the north of Munich, Germany and its the first stadium in the world that has a full changing color outside. The construction of the stadium started in the autumn of 2002 and just three years later, this amazing piece of architecture was completed at the end of April 2005.

The Swiss architect firm Herzog & de Meuron developed the revolutionary concept of a stadium with a see through exterior made of ETFE-foil panels that can be lit from the inside and are self cleaning and this was an idea that impressed the most and satisfied every club and probably every football fan from Munich and Germany.

The facade of the stadium was built of 2,874 ETFE-foil air panels that are kept inflated with dry air to a differential pressure of 0.038 hPa. These panels appear white from far away but when examined closely there are little dots on them that are combined by the eye from the outside making them seem like they’re fully white.

Each of these panels can be independently lit with white, red or blue light, matching the colors of the teams playing here: red for Bayern, blue for TSV 1860 and white when the German national football team plays or when neutral games are played here. Multicolor lightings are also possible but the local police insisted on just one color because accidents might happen on the nearby autobahn. To light up Allianz Arena up for one hour costs just around 50 Euros or $75 USD.

The cost of the construction of this amazing arena ran to 286 million EUR but financing costs raised that figure to a total of 340 million EUR. The city and State also spent around 210 million EUR for area development and infrastructure improvements. The large financial services provider, Allianz, purchased the rights to the name of the stadium for 30 years.

The legal capacity of the stadium is 69,901 spectators, with the lower tier offering seating for 20,000, the middle tier for 24,000 and the upper tier for 22,000. 10,400 of the seats in the lower tier corners can be converted to standing room to allow an additional 3,120 spectators. There are also 2,000 business seats, 400 seats for the press, 106 luxury boxes with seating for 174 and 165 berths for wheelchairs.

Apart from hosting many top football matches and games from the 2006 World Cup which was held in Germany, the Allianz Arena will also host the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final.

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