The Dreamhost Office in Brea, California

By : Mark V | 5 Oct 2011 6:55 pm | Interiors, Offices

The web-hosting company Dreamhost wanted a different approach for their office spaces. In association with Studio O+A their headquarters was established in Brea,California, the designers emphasized the workspace in accordance with its employees.

The workforce of Dreamhost Company is very young so the designers chose to go with a colourful style for the work environment. The location of the building facilitates the office spaces to be filled with light. The colours weren’t picked randomly, they create funny visual effects that embody the idea of technological novelty-since the company deals with web hosting, the designers found it fitting.

The circulation paths are broad so that employees feel at ease when going from one office to another, making the place be less formal. The ceiling was painted white to match Dreamhost`s line of work. We also attached a bunch of photos and the black box in the middle is the conference room, not the general manager’s office like some would think.

The unusual design was a stroke of genius from Studio O+ A. We hope that you’ll enjoy the design as much as we did.

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