The beautiful LAH! Restaurant in Madrid

By : Mark V | 15 Nov 2011 12:17 am | Interiors, Restaurants & Bars

The LAH! restaurant was inspired by the culture of South-East Asia and it is located in Madrid, Spain. IlmioDesign accepted the project and had to face a major challenge for the design of this restaurant: to surprise the essence of Asia in one place-and to reveal it to Spain-a very different culture.

The traditions,cultural designs and religious aspects can be found in LAH!Restaurant,bringing out the best in IlmioDesign . The restaurant doesn`t depict the typical Chinese or Japanese restaurant,it represents a culture. The spatial distribution is irregular and peculiar and vertical wood panels are all over the place: either hanging from the ceiling or fastened to the floor or leant against the walls.

The wood panels are used to render the idea of an old image of the Asian cities in which the harmonious architectural design combines with modern elements of décor. The presence of this restaurant in Madrid is a chance offered to the Spanish clients to discover a different world and a chance for Asians that live here to be reminded of home.

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