The Bates Motel Suite by Egue y Seta

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Jul 2013 2:47 pm | Hotels & Spas

Inspired by Psycho, the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, the Bates Motel Suite was designed in 2011 by the Egue y Seta studio for the CasaDecor Interior Design exhibition which took place in Barcelona, Spain.

The project was designed as homage for the brilliant director and it also offers entertainment, a place to work, eat and sleep with multifunctional furniture distributed radially to recreate some of the frames seen in the films of Hitchcock.

Fans of the films will see various elements from the films, the bird motif being present, peeping holes and posters or pictures with scenes from his works. The design also incorporates modern elements and offers a pleasant contemporary ambiance designed by Futurcret.

Although it might seem unsettling to take refuge in a place named after Norman Bates, the killer from Psycho, the furnishings are quite comfortable and the rich palette makes the space cozy and warm. The shower cabin has a message on the floor reminding us to “watch out for Mrs. Bates!”



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