The AME Restaurant in Toronto, Canada

By : Mark V | 20 Feb 2016 1:10 am | Interiors, Restaurants & Bars

The interior for this restaurant was designed by the Interior design firm Munge Leung. Located in Toronto, Canada the AME restaurant is the place to be! The dining and lounge zones have been opened –this being the perfect excuse for creating the idea of space and making people socialize –and the zones are also fit for dancing or just chillin`.

There is a private dining room that captures the idea of the latest supper club there is and this zone is an elevated open area that has banquettes where guests are invited to dine and enjoy the fabulous bottle service.

The design of the place is peculiar since the designers have used a lot of interesting, yet unexpected combinations: for example there are silk kimono fabrics that are combined with beautiful black leather, the ceiling installations are made of hand hewn wood planks and you can also find polished concrete flooring.

All these juxtapositions offer a contrast that enchants the eye. The hostess station is made from a custom cut block of Owen Sound Limestone,the surfaces of the beautiful dining tables are made by sheets of natural black walnut and the dining room and banquette chairs are upholstered in bright coloured kimono fabrics.This is more than a design,it`s a vision that makes Ame restaurant difficult to forget.

The interior design of the restaurant doesn`t stick with the usual Japanese design styles,it blends contemporary,glamorous designs with Japanese kimono fabrics,showing the variety the restaurant aims to offer.

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