The Alphaville House in Brazil by Faleiro Guerra Arquitetura

By : Mark V | 18 Jan 2013 9:42 pm | Homes

Faleiro Guerra Arquitetura designed in Brazil a project called the Alphaville House. They aimed for comfort and calm while planning the building and wanted something that is both contemporary and sustainable. They built a complex and minute house with geometric shapes and an ample entry way which sets the tones for the colors of the entire house, namely a lot of light colors to give more value to the straight lines.

Apart from its looks the house is also designed with functionality and resourcefulness in mind, thus the underground has a storage unit for rain water which can be recycled in the garden and bathroom. In this way there is also a help for the environment.

As in most houses in the region there is a patio in the interior garden with a fruit tree in it which provides shade and a quiet setting but, more importantly, this also allows the use of cross ventilation and illumination in the building.

The surrounding landscape is blessed with an artificial lake called Lagoa dos Ingleses and the architects worked at giving the impression that the house is an extension of it, both of them residing in a form of symbiosis. Because of this wonderful view they also chose to place a swimming pool in the frontal part of the land.

Overall the house blends in and still manages to stand out as modern and original.

[Gustavo Xavier & Faleiro Guerra Arquitetura]

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