TH Apartment by Adrei-studio architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 May 2014 5:59 pm | Apartments

The TH Apartment located in Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Cau Giai, Hanoi, Vietnam was designed in 2014 by the Adrei-studio architecture practice as a mini-condominium following a current trend in the city which came up as a response to the housing problem, so that most of the people with average incomes can own their own living spaces in the crowded urban environment.

The owners are a young couple with an eight year old daughter and they wanted their apartment rehabilitated to improve the living conditions. The designers applied their slogan in the project, which is “Just for fun” collaborating with the owners to ensure a bright and environmentally aware space which would be easy to maintain.

The position of the kitchen and of the toilet was changed and multifunctional oak partitions replaced the former bricked ones to ensure privacy while also adding extra flexibility for the public functions. The living areas were opened more to allow a better vision and natural ventilation.



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