Tema Istanbul Showroom by Yazgan Design Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Apr 2014 5:39 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The Yazgan Design Architecture practice created an elliptical encasing for the Tema Istanbul Showroom located in Halkali, Istanbul, Turkey to unify the structure into a single element.

The structure spreads over 1500 square meters and it faces the Trans European Motorway, serving as a display space for Tema, a multipurpose project comprised of residential units, a hotel, a shopping center and a family entertainment complex.

The interior of the Showroom hosts mock-up apartments and models along with the administrative and sales offices. There are three floors hosting the programs inside and access is made via a wooden bridge piercing through the façade.

The encasing generates various interactions with its surroundings according to the time of day, so that during daytime the main rooms are almost hidden behind the mirrored façade and the white ribs seem to float in space. During nighttime, the steel fins are illuminated to become a sculptural shining object on the horizon.



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