Tel Aviv Apartment by Chiara Ferrari Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Jul 2013 6:12 pm | Apartments

The Chiara Ferrari Studio was employed to refurbish this apartment in Tel Aviv located in the Bialik area and into a historic building. The owners wanted a minimalist home with an open plan that takes advantage of the natural light through the large existing windows.

The materials used in the project span to leave no visible joins creating a homogenous space with high ceilings that permit the splitting into levels so that the spaces created are more functional and better suited to the inhabitants.

The total surface if of 116 square meters and one side leads to the street while the other gives access to the garden so that the apartment acts as a bridge between the two using a simple design with clean geometric shapes and a palette that combines concrete, white walls, pale woods and various shades of white and grays.

The master bedroom has a glazed extension that offers a great view of the local area and also adds extra light inside. The designer took its inspiration from the architectural diversity of the city and the materials are locally sourced to maintain a close connection with its surroundings.



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