Tama N by Sinato

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Nov 2013 3:15 pm | Apartments

The Sinato design studio in Japan renovated the Tama N apartment in Tokyo which was built 25 years ago and is the home of a married couple that needed an elegant and functional interior.

The project attracts attention through the use of a wooden wall to separate the areas and each partition has its own distinctive character to evoke its purpose. The “walls” also have openings and thus allow communication between the areas while also increasing the light inside.

The entrance into the apartment was extended and the lower floor now allows more natural light inside through an adjacent window that also gives a view of the vegetation outside adding a natural element to the ambiance.

The lounge area is quite typical for the Japanese perspective since it is secluded and acts as a place of meditation unlike the western design which prefers to keep this area open and visible at all time.



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