Takami Restaurant and Elevate Lounge in Los Angeles

By : Mark V | 11 Feb 2012 8:16 pm | Interiors, Restaurants & Bars

The top floor of a building in downtown Los Angeles was designed by Tag Front, and split in two spaces to make room for a lounge called Elevate and for a Japanese restaurant called Takami. The top floor offers incredible views of downtown Los Angeles and the designers had to create two contemporary spaces that would complement each other.

The entrance of the Japanese restaurant is made of beautiful kimono-fabric panels that lead you to the host/hostess stand. After this beautiful entrance you are led towards the restaurant bar which has a glass wine room and the wood-slat ceiling was a stroke of genius. The bar is adorned with Japanese fabric panels on the front of the structure that have end-grain mesquite top.

Another thing that you notice is the wall behind the bar that is made of back-lit aluminum with a sleek patina finish and circular holes placed randomly. As interior design for the lounge area they designers chose monkey stool and a jakara root table. The design was kept in traditional lines for the main dining area: custom furniture with robata and sushi bar. These two bars are separated by the wall made of back lit aluminum that has a very interesting pattern: random circular holes spread over the patina finish.

Moving on to the other space, the lounge called Elevate has an elevator in the foyer that allows access to this place. The foyer has a wood panel wall and the design of the lounge is intriguing,it reminds us of falling leaves. The indoor and outdoor space here seems to fade out, being a bit tricky to separate the two.A pocket door system installed by the designers makes the walls seem smaller and the overall effect draws attention towards the ceiling.Ceramic tile panels hide the glass panel doors.

Mesquite planks were used for the main bar and they have stainless steel inlays while the back bar has a different pattern,dark mosaic bizazza tiles. The dance floor seems a bit elevated so it allows private seating while the ceiling seems to be made of cubes of different sizes and shapes that have a blue hue that goes well with the overall design. Light seems to erupt within the cubes. The dj booth is made entirely of glass and it can be seen on one end of the dance area.


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