Taipei Univesity Library by LIAO Architect & Associates

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Feb 2015 11:07 am | Landmarks

The Taipei University Library located in the Sanxia district of New Taipei City, Taiwan was designed in 2014 by the LIAO Architect & Associates practice to emphasize the culture and history of the region which was important for porcelain art.

The designers changed the typical single-entrance, vault-like library layout with a more open one which encourages free flow and easy access to knowledge and aside from the books, the space gives access to all the media sources possible for the students.

There are three parts, each with its own entrance and there is an axis linking the main entrance to a lake at the back side. The designers explain that “the concept of urban street was applied to create a plan of activity mall in the library”.

The library incorporates a gallery, bookshop, student center and café as well and the areas have a floating bridge connecting them to allow students to have a great overview of the natural landscape surrounding the structure.


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