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Cisco offices by Studio O+A

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Mar 2016 2:35 am | Offices

The Cisco headquarters offices in San Francisco are designed by the local interior designers Studio O+A with octagonal timber gazebos as the main meeting spaces for the employees, offering an unconventional workspace that inspires and encourages creativity. The technology company’s interior heeded an extension after they acquired the WiFi firm Meraki in November 2012 and the building in the Mission Bay neighborhood provided an 110000 square feet office space overlooking the waterfront. The headquarters is spread over two floors and…

The Capital One Lab by Studio O+A

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Aug 2014 11:00 am | Other

The Capital One bank commissioned the Studio O + A to design a space where the employees can solve the management problems related to their work into a setting that features an aesthetic closer to that of a design studio rather than a bank and this Lab is located in San Francisco. The color palette is rich and joyous to set the playful tone and there is even a sleeping nook as one of the central features, accessed via a…

Zazzle by Studio O+A

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Nov 2013 7:18 pm | Offices

The Studio O+A architectural practice designed the headquarters for Zazzle, a custom manufacturing company which creates unique products from the materials provided by the clients. The project is located in Redwood City, California, USA and the designers took the company’s interest in artisanal and hand-crafted materials into the design. Zazzle allows their customers to upload images on their website and create products which they can afterwards order, or they can just purchase products that were created by other users. The…

Evernote by Studio O+A

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Aug 2013 7:01 pm | Offices

Evernote is a company which specializes in online data storage to permit the users to save notes, photos or other documents in the Cloud. Their new office space in Redwood City, California was designed by Studio O+A since their development required a larger building than the former one. The design style they implemented is modern and clean with Douglas fir plywood used as cladding in the coffee bar and break areas to create a specific texture and add warmth to…

Giant Pixel Headquarters by Studio O+A

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Jun 2013 8:00 pm | Offices

Located near the Mint Plaza in San Francisco, California, USA the Giant Pixel Headquarters were designed by the architectural practice of Studio O+A inside a former printing press in an area which is known for the modern architectural redevelopments which are present here. The designers created three floors of work areas with different purposes and thus combined various ideas in each one of the areas depending on its purpose. The entrance offers a steel canopy with a computer code pattern…

The Dreamhost Office in Brea, California

By : Mark V | 5 Oct 2011 6:55 pm | Interiors, Offices

The web-hosting company Dreamhost wanted a different approach for their office spaces. In association with Studio O+A their headquarters was established in Brea,California, the designers emphasized the workspace in accordance with its employees. The workforce of Dreamhost Company is very young so the designers chose to go with a colourful style for the work environment. The location of the building facilitates the office spaces to be filled with light. The colours weren’t picked randomly, they create funny visual effects that…

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