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Piampiano Residence by Studio B Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Nov 2013 2:59 pm | Homes

The Piampiano Residence was designed by the Studio B Architects and it is located in Woody Creek, Colorado, USA on a narrow site that had several disparate structures which had to be used in the design due to the regulations regarding the proximity to the river. The designers used the materials of the original structure to extend it and integrate the new residence with the existing one with an exterior that reflects the texture and color of the conifer trees…

Linear House by Studio B Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Oct 2013 6:38 pm | Homes

Linear House is a residential project designed by the Studio B Architects in Aspen, Colorado on a site that offers a splendid alpine landscape but was set against the White River National Forest and in a dense aspen stand so that the construction space was very limited. Since the project is set on such a difficult terrain a licensed geologist was required to approve the project after verifying historical avalanche chutes and the established Aspen groves, a process that took…

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