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66MRN-House by ONG&ONG

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Oct 2014 8:39 pm | Homes

The 66MRN-House is a contemporary residential project designed by the ONG&ONG architectural practice in Singapore near Stevens Road with an aesthetic that takes its inspiration from the Zen philosophy to create a balanced home. There are two main volumes that comprise the structure, one in front hosting the social areas like the living area and dining spaces, while the back volume contains the service functions and the kitchen. Each block has a specific texture provided by the main materials, so…

SingTel Contact Centre by ONG&ONG

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Apr 2014 5:48 pm | Offices

The SingTel Contact Centre was designed by the ONG&ONG architectural practice in Singapore upgrading the existing center to improve the customer service and offer a balanced work environment in which aesthetics combine with the functional aspects in an efficient way. The designers integrated relaxation and recreation areas within the workplace so that collaboration would be easier and more pleasant. The various areas inside are connected through a common walkway and it acts as a journey bringing together various themes. The…

One Tree Hill by ONG&ONG

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Mar 2014 1:37 pm | Homes

The ONG&ONG architectural practice designed the One Tree Hill residential project which is located in Singapore and offers an open contemporary design with a double volume living area extending toward the garden. The use of floor to ceiling glass surfaces allows the interior to integrate the surrounding landscape into the ambiance and this also ensures sufficient natural light inside during the daytime. The living area contains the dining space and the kitchen into the same room with an island to…

Y House by ONG&ONG

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Nov 2013 9:47 pm | Homes

Located in Singapore, Singapore the Y House is a private residential project designed by the ONG&ONG architectural practice from New York with an elegant contemporary style. The family home has the space divided in a way in which there would be a social gathering area and sufficient private spaces for each member of the family. The façade of the building is raw and massive due to the use of a concrete covering making it seem almost industrial in character but…

The JKC1 House in Singapore by Ong&Ong

By : Mark V | 11 Feb 2012 8:08 pm | Homes

The most fabulous and expensive district in Singapore is Bukit Timah, a place where you could find the beautiful JKC1 House, designed by a famous architectural firm called ONG&ONG.  This property is made of several plots that were developed by the Keck Seng Group. The topography of the site is a bit unusual and even the pool from the front yard is odd, even though it looks incredible, combining the feng shui elements of “mountain” and “water”. If you enter…

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