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Passive Solar Ordos Museum Inspired by the Gobi Desert

By : Mark V | 25 Jun 2015 12:46 am | Museums

Located in China, the Passive Solar Ordos Museum is famous for its futuristic aspect due to the curved metal that was used in the design of the building. MAD Architects led the project and the museum was designed in 2005, built to host the local cultural relics. The museum also uses sustainable design ,climate control and the façade is made from metal louvers. Ordos is the city where the museum is located and it`s under a constant development,the urban influences…

Absolute Towers in Mississauga by MAD Architects

By : Mark V | 21 Jun 2015 5:35 am | Skyscrapers

Keeping up to the name of the firm, the practice of MAD Architects designed an eccentric (literally) and original project in the city of Mississauga, Ontario, in Canada called the Absolute Towers. They consider that the skyscraper design became a bit dull and wanted to spice things up with something that will make an impression and also give inspiration to other designers. This amazing design offers a degree of harmony that is quite difficult to see in other projects and…

George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art by MAD Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Nov 2014 1:30 pm | Museums

The practice of MAD Architects was commissioned to design the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art on the waterfront of Chicago and the overall project was created with the collaboration of the local firms Studio Gang and VOA Associates. The structure appears as an artificial mountain into the urban setting to create a sloping exterior with a green park surrounding it. There are three floors where you find the exhibition spaces with a looping layout and an elevated disk at…

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort by MAD Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Oct 2013 5:56 pm | Hotels & Spas

The Sheraton Hotel chain is planning to expand in 2013 with 30 new branches in the Asia-Pacific area and four in Africa and the Middle East. Since the chain is based in China here is where 15 of the new branches will be built and the most impressive one is the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort which was designed by Ma Yansong from the Beijing-based practice of MAD Architects. The project is based on the south bank of the Taihu…

Harbin Cultural Centre by MAD

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Sep 2013 2:57 pm | Urban

The Harbin Cultural Centre in the north-east corner of China is currently under construction and its design was created by the MAD architects practice from Beijing as a venue for the arts and culture of the city. The Centre is on an island by the Songhua River with a site plan which adapts and reflects the form of the river. Due to the frequent snow in the region the building has white aluminum cladding and the designers also used white…

Mountainous Skyscrapers for Beijing’s Chaoyang Park by MAD Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Sep 2013 7:36 am | Skyscrapers

This project wishes to push the Chinese architecture into new realms with elements taken from the contemporary design but adapted to the native traditional designs. Designed by Ma Yansong from MAD Architects, this project is a combination of skyscrapers, office blocks and public spaces emulating the shape of mountains, hills and lakes at the same time. The project is for the Chaoyang Park in Beijing and it follows the Shan-Shui city concept which was also designed by Ma Yansong as…

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