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Kearsarge Residence by Kurt Krueger Architect

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Nov 2013 2:39 pm | Homes

The Kearsarge Residence renovated by the Kurt Krueger Architect practice and is located in Los Angeles, California. The original residence was designed in 1968 by the modernist Romanian-American architect Haralamb H. Georgescu and it is located in a forest in Brentwood right inside the city so that there were a lot of challenges in the renovation. The designers wanted to honor the original work and restore the house to its original character while also bringing it up to date. The…

Westgate Residence by Kurt Krueger Architect

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Sep 2013 7:42 pm | Homes

The practice of Kurt Krueger Architect renovated the Westgate Residence located in Brentwood, California in a process that completely renewed the house creating a contemporary and very stylish home. The original house was built in 1948 and the new project redefines the space and the openings while maintaining the same overall surface. Although the house is placed close to a busy street intersection the designers tried to create a peaceful home which was required for the retired couple inhabiting it.…

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