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INNOCEAN Headquarters by Ippolito Fleitz Group

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Dec 2014 4:27 pm | Offices

INNOCEAN is a global marketing and communications company and their new Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany was designed by the Ippolito Fleitz Group so that they would have an European center aside from their main one in Korea. The interior of the office is flexible and truly modern with several different work environments where the employees can settle. The dynamic of the interior is the key feature of the design and from the entrance into the large reception hall the tone…

Loft ESN by Ippolito Fleitz Group

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Sep 2014 7:34 pm | Apartments

This apartment called Loft ESN is located in Palmscher Park in Esslingen, Germany and it is in the place of a former army barracks from the late Wilhelmine era which was transformed into a residential complex that became quite popular due to its hillside location that is only ten minutes of walk away from the town center. The apartment was designed by the Ippolito Fleitz Group for a family with two small children. The layout is very open and the…

Apartment Sch by Ippolito Fleitz Group

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Sep 2014 2:01 am | Apartments

The beautiful Apartment Sch is a project designed by the Ippolito Fleitz Group with a daring contemporary aesthetic and it is located in Stuttgart, Germany, being inhabited by a couple who loves art. The project is on a hillside location and it provides a great overview of the valley underneath while also ensuring sufficient room for the extensive painting collection. There are three mezzanines on the upper levels which were built during the 1980s and the redevelopment of the interior…

Apartment D by Ippolito Fleitz Group

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Jun 2014 5:17 pm | Apartments

The Ippolito Fleitz Group designed the Apartment D in Stuttgart, Germany in 2011 for a young family and they used a neutral color palette with bright tones to make the loft seem more spacious as well as integrating the different areas into a cohesive whole. The interior geometry is highly complex and although the decorative elements are minimal the spaces appear as diverse with a contemporary aesthetic combining elegance with industrial touches. The floor plan has a rectangular layout and…

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