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pavilion of dream terraces by H&P architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 31 May 2015 4:45 pm | Other

This building is just a concept for now but it looks wonderful and original, trying to offer a modern approach to the traditional Vietnamese architecture. Since Vietnam is known for its wet rice cultivation and the way they grow it is on terraced fields, this part of Asia was also settled on agriculture and it has become its tradition. The practice of H&P architects designed the Vietnam Pavilion for the 2015 Milano Expo and tried to incorporate agriculture and architecture to…

Cheering Restaurant by H&P Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Jan 2015 10:00 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Cheering Restaurant is a project created by the H&P Architects practice with a design that is inspired from the ancient trees present through the Hoan Kiem district in the ancient city of Hanoi, Vietnam. The restaurant has a total floor area of 1000 square meters and its main structure is defined by the large wooden canopy sheltering the interior and at the same time creating a continuation of the areas from a dining area to the next. The timber…

Blooming Bamboo Home by H&P architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Sep 2013 8:09 am | Homes

Located in the town of Cau Dien in the Tu Liem district of Ha Noi, Vietnam, a region which is often the subject of natural disasters the Blooming Bamboo Home offers a residential project resistant to floods designed by the H&P architects practice. The project is built with several modular structures with a 3.3 x 6.6 meter surface which are assembled together by bolding, binding and hanging the various elements making the structure able to withstand a flood of 1.5…

BES Pavilion by H&P Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Aug 2013 6:57 pm | Other, Urban

Located in the central area of Ha Tinh city in Vietnam, the BES Pavilion created by the practice of H&P Architects is a service space which was designed for the community as a place for art and culture. The materials used are locally sourced and the building methods are traditional to the area so that the initials BES are really relevant for the project since they come from Bamboo, Earth and Stone which are all present in the design. Spreading…

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