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Beautiful Landscape Fence by heri&salli

By : Mark V | 25 May 2015 8:50 pm | Other

This amazing piece of architecture was designed by heri&salli to encompass the swimming pool of a private owner from Austria. The structure is made from steel and it has a multitude of mounted panels and interior constructions that give a surreal effect of being swept into a virtual world, one that changes every sense of space you used to have before. The basic concept for the project was that of a fence, but this idea got transcended into interplays of…

Office Off by heri&salli

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Aug 2014 6:11 pm | Offices

The Office Off project designed by the heri&salli architectural practice in 2013 is located in Burgenland, Austria with wood as the predominant material so that the work setting is one that seems closer to a cabin retreat with an open layout. The project contains living and relaxation areas, a gym and a fire pond transformed into a swimming pool along with meeting areas, common areas outdoors and a climbing wall at the entrance. The structure integrates sustainable elements and each…

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