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The Residences Kuala Lumpur by Blu Water Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Jul 2013 6:37 pm | Apartments

This project is called The Residences Kuala Lumpur and was designed by the Blu Water Studio to transport the style and elegance of the most prestigious catwalks into the living spaces. The modern design utilizes high fashion elements to create a space with vibrant colors that are contrasted by monochrome areas offering a unique effect. The turquoise and yellow spaces seem much dimmer when placed next to the shades of gray and there are tinted mirrors used to further intensify…

The Vale Apartments by Blu Water Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Apr 2013 4:27 pm | Apartments

The Vale Apartments is a project designed and developed by the Blu Water Studio in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia combining elements of contemporary design with a bohemian atmosphere to offer the cozy and stylish spaces that can be seen in the pictures. The designers tried to delineate the private area from the public through the use of a different flooring, the living area having a white floor which increases the amount of light inside and also amplifies the…

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