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Saint-Lazare priory by Agence Jouin Manku

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Aug 2014 6:54 pm | Other

The Saint-Lazare priory in the city of Fontevraud, France was recently refurbished by the Agence Jouin Manku to transform its interior into a hotel and restaurant as a part of the redevelopment of Fontevraud Abbey and its four priories dating from the Middle Ages. The stone structure was complemented with wood, metal and various fabrics that bring a contemporary tone to the original structure which was used as a hospital and hospice for nuns until the 1980s when it was…

Societe Fonciere Lyonnaise by Agence Jouin Manku

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Dec 2013 1:17 pm | Offices

The headquarters of Societe Fonciere Lyonnaise, which is the oldest property company in France, received a new amenities wing which was designed by the Agence Jouin Manku at an office campus outside Paris. The project is located in a converted factory buildings built in the 1920s on the banks of the Seine River in Boulogne-Billancourt. The iridescent structure on the top tries to resemble the scales of a dragon and the new wing spreads over three floors revolving around a…

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