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Seguin by Agence Bernard Bühler

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Jul 2013 10:13 am | Other

Seguin is located on Plot V in the northwest side of Boulogne-Billancourt, France, a place which connects the existing side of the city and its developing section, being at the strategic crossroad of pedestrian landscapes. The project was designed by the Agence Bernard Buhler with an urban style that presents a façade from each side. The marked and volumetric angles of the building provide a mixed space with loggias toward the southeast and terraces of various colors to provide a…

Residence Origami by Agence Bernard Bühler

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Jul 2013 7:50 pm | Other, Urban

The Origami Residence was designed in 2012 by the architectural practice of Agence Bernard Buhler and is located in the city of Toulouse, France. Spreading over a surface of 3489 square meters, the building attracts the attention from afar through its peculiar geometry which probably gave the project the reference to origami in the first place, since it somewhat reminds us of a pop-up book with its bright colors and folds. There are two facades for the building, one hosting…

Nova Green by Agence Bernard Bühler

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Jun 2013 11:44 am | Other, Urban

The architectural practice Agence Bernard Buhler was employed in 2012 to design a project for 66 flats in a collective house which were divided into two buildings. The first building is located on the borderline with the Avenue Emile Counord in Bordeaux, France and the second building is at the center of the site. The first building uses a joyful façade with glazed green screens and white aluminum boxes to attract the attention from the street and thus acting mostly…

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