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Bridge at Buen by 3XN

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Jul 2014 9:10 am | Bridges

This pedestrian and bicycle bridge was designed by the 3XN Architectural practice to connect the city of Mandal, which is the most southern city in Norway, to the new Buen Cultural Center that is emerging with a design created by the same office. The designers used the same light exterior to connect with the surrounding tones and to stand out next to the wooden houses and narrow streets in the region. There are two clear spaces defined to allow the…

Swedbank by 3XN

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 May 2014 7:39 pm | Offices

Swedbank is a project located in Landsvagen, Sundbyberg, Sweden and it was designed by the 3XN architectural practice as an office space reflecting the values of openness, simplicityand care, which are the main profile characteristics of the organization. The transparent structure is folded with a triple-V layout which breaks the volume to create a democratic environment which centers on the new head office building. The triple-V setting allows the employees to interact better with each other due to the working…

Grove Towers by 3XN

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 May 2014 5:58 pm | Skyscrapers

Grove Towers is a mixed-use development in Mumbai, India and it was designed by the 3XN architectural practice with a scheme referencing the mangrove trees which are present in the region through the shape of two towers converging at the base. The project hosts retail outlets and there are amenity spaces across the podium. Spreading over a surface of 78000 square meters, the towers contain units which ensure expansive views toward the mangroves to the north and toward the Indian…

The new Museum of Liverpool by 3XN

By : Mark V | 13 Oct 2011 11:41 am | Landmarks, Museums

Building and designing the museum was a great challenge. It implied many things. The new Museum of Liverpool is located next to the well known Three Graces and it is said that it’s the largest National Museum to be built in the UK in over 100 years. The site where it lies is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was designed by 3XN, the principal architect and creative director being Kim Herforth Nielsen. It has a major cultural…

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