Taboo Spa by Cecconi Simone Inc.

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 May 2014 7:51 pm | Hotels & Spas

Taboo Spa is a project designed by the Cecconi Simone Inc. studio with volumes, sightlines and light which work together to offer an immersive wellness experience with East Asian influences although it is located in the region of the Muskoka Lakes in Ontario, Canada.

The interior is open, there aren’t any partitions and privacy is ensured through retractable curtains complimented with millwork elements and a complex illumination system coming from the ceiling and floor which adds extra depth to the ambiance.

The screening elements are typical for the Chinese area and they are combined with architectural pendants, artworks and mirrors to bring out certain elements in the design while also providing a relaxing atmosphere.

The spa spreads over a surface of 446 square meters and the neutral tones of the interior try to reflect the traditional oriental decorative techniques which focus on integrating the four elements into each space to bring balance and peace.



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