T2 Shoreditch by Landini Associates

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Jan 2015 5:59 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The T2 is a famous Australian tea brand and after we have seen their headquarters in Melbourne (here) we are going to take a look at their first international store located in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London, England and featuring a design created by the same architectural practice as the former project, namely Landini Associates.

The project has the same industrial tones of the Melbourne space with raw, black tones and materials like metal or concrete to bring a contrast to the typically polished British tea houses. There is a tea library extending over 30 meters that offers over 250 tea varieties to allow customers to explore flavors from all over the globe.

The center of the store is occupied by tea-tasting stations and aroma tables that allow you to combine different ingredients or fragrances. The color black was chosen to bring out the orange packaging of the teas and the metal frames continue to the outside of the Redchurch Street for an imposing façade.


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