T2 Headquarters by Landini Associates

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Apr 2016 4:19 am | Offices

The former Collingwood industrial warehouse in Melbourne, Australia was transformed by the architectural practice of Landini Associates into the new headquarters for the T2 Company with elements that hint at the former use of the building along with a lot of features that try to incorporate the T2 philosophy.

There are timber beams, columns and exposed brick walls through the entire space to remind of the warehouse and to offer contrast to the dark pallet which is the T2 trademark. The interior has an open plan with a double height entry hall that features a spotlighted T2 logo with the façade reception and the Tea Bar to the left.

The upper floor has the entrance for the staff since here is where the car park lies and the design here combines a clean line façade featuring a black steel panel with another timber panel that has a steel frame balustrade. This creates a blend of warm and cozy elements with an industrial theme.

The tea making and tasting workshops along with the CEO’s office continue with the same design motif but they employ a white palette to provide a clean and bright ambiance.



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