T House by Natalie Dionne Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Dec 2013 8:01 am | Homes

Located in Quebec, Canada, the T House is a residential project designed by the architect Natalie Dionne in a forest clearing up on a hillside that offers a great view of the agricultural valleys and mountains in the distance.

The project is divided into two volumes with the first one having two floors and a cubic shape clad in wood on the sides. The second volume has a single floor with a rectangular shape embedded in the ground on one end and cantilevered over the hill on the other one.

The central element in the composition is the empty transition space between the two volumes which is transparent to offer a panorama of the Appalachian mountain ridges and Mount Sutton. The house is defined and modulated by the surroundings with three distinct parts in the shape of the letter T.

One part hosts the living room, another one is where the dining room connects the vistas and the east side opens to a wooden deck. The south extends to a mineral patio with a rectilinear pool and to the west is a water garden.



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