Syzygy Office Frankfurt by 3deluxe

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Nov 2014 11:03 pm | Offices

Syzygy is an international digital marketing agency and their office in Frankfurt, Germany was designed by the award winning architectural practice of 3deluxe in 2012 that transforms the interior of a building in central downtown into an inspiring working environment.

Spreading over a surface of 950 square meters, the designers tried to integrate the corporate culture of the company into the setting so a free-form structure was integrated into the existing design to create a unified setting planned with a transdisciplinary approach.

The added structure has a length of 22 meters and acts as a recreational site where the employees can have informal gatherings into a flowing and undulating lounge area. This part is also acting as a reception zone where the visitors can have an insight into the company and the predominant tones are neutral white on the ceiling and walls with a light gray flooring combined with wooden textures for a balanced ambiance.

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