Sweden’s Tusen Restaurant by Murman Arkitekter

By : Mark V | 22 Jan 2013 10:25 pm | Interiors, Restaurants & Bars

If you seek a place that lets you feast your eyes as well as yourself, the Tusen Restaurant designed by Murman Arkitekter is definitely one of your must-see spots. Situated in the Ramundberget ski resort in Sweden, it allows up to 125 persons to taste the exquisite Swedish food.

The façade of the building is also something unique since it combines the new with the old in a palisade-like fortress that has symmetrically disposed windows. Made out of birch trees as there are plenty of them around, it blends right into the surroundings through its shape and its materials.

The restaurant has an entrance towards the south-west is protected from the powerful Scandinavian winds and blizzards but it still has a great view of the mountains and ski slope. It also has its own system for water and sewage due to the remote location.

The restaurant isn’t only for ski enthusiasts since it also won the Holiday prize at the World Architectural Festival in Barcelona in 2009.


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