Swedbank by 3XN

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 May 2014 7:39 pm | Offices

Swedbank is a project located in Landsvagen, Sundbyberg, Sweden and it was designed by the 3XN architectural practice as an office space reflecting the values of openness, simplicityand care, which are the main profile characteristics of the organization.

The transparent structure is folded with a triple-V layout which breaks the volume to create a democratic environment which centers on the new head office building. The triple-V setting allows the employees to interact better with each other due to the working islands and this also reduces the distance between the various areas.

There is a visual contact between departments and the atria are on the outside to allow as much daylight inside as possible while also reducing energy consumption. The interior has two sculptural staircases which form the hubs of the building and their design facilitates interaction while offering various perspectives of the building.

The trading floor is the most important one and it is set above the public areas with a condensed interior and high ceiling, while the other floors have open plans and desk islands with the service facilities grouped in a central axis.



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