Sunset Vine Tower by Kanner Architects

By : Mark V | 7 Aug 2011 8:50 pm | Skyscrapers

Located in the heart of Hollywood, on the intersection of two of the busiest streets, Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street, the Sunset Vine Tower is a 22 story office building that was turned into a modern apartment building by Kanner Architects last year. The tower is actually the tallest building in Hollywood and it’s modernist design seems like a dynamic exclamation point in Hollywood’s residential area with a rather traditional design.

Next to the tower is Hollywood’s landmark Cinerama Dome and residents will benefit from the building’s convenient location and significant foot traffic. The architects managed to make 63 ultra modern apartments from this tower with contemporary interior designs and large, full height glass balconies, open floors and high ceilings to take full advantage of the incredible views in all directions.

The building also offers a variety of amenities for the residents of this glamorous address, including a gymnasium, valet service and even a community room for social events. So, there you have it, the tallest tower in Hollywood, turned from an office building into a stunning apartment tower.















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