Stylish Penthouse in Stockholm, Sweden

By : Mark V | 25 Jan 2013 10:08 am | Apartments, Interiors

Found on Per Jansson, this interesting penthouse in Stockholm, Sweden has a lot of good ideas and manages to make most use out of the limited space given. The apartment has three bedrooms, together with a living room that is connected to the kitchen.

The design combines modern decoration with some historical elements, such as an old clock in the living room and wooden furniture together with a small fireplace on the corner. These elements although might be considered as contrasting with the rest of the place, manage to blend in since they were carefully picked to have an old avant-garde allure, so to speak.

The chandelier is the perfect example of this. The kitchen isn’t very large but it is efficiently organized and well supplied. The main bedroom has a lot of closets and also leads to a small terrace on the roof which also has a small coffee table and two seats.

The walls of the loft are almost entirely adorned with plenty of abstract artwork that even by itself makes the apartment interesting. The predominant color is white, adding more light to the penthouse and also increasing the feeling of space.

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