Stylish Apartment in Moscow by SL*project

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Nov 2013 8:12 am | Apartments

This elegant contemporary apartment is located on the 23rd floor of a residential building in the center of Moscow, Russia and it was designed by Alex Nikolashin from the SL*project studio.

The loft features a lot of large windows that allow abundant natural light inside and splendid panoramic views of the city skyline maintaining a constant connection with the surroundings without the care for privacy since the apartment is at such a high floor.

The space for the project was quite limited, so the designers divided the living room and the bedroom through the use of a transparent wall and curtains that are adjusted via a remote control to transform the bedroom into a private area when this is needed.

The walls are made of glass panels to create distinct areas while also maintaining a connection between them so that the loft seems more spacious. The main area is the living room with a TV, a fireplace and several shelves, while the kitchen is connected with it through a line of three bar chairs.



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