A Stylish Apartment in Heraklion by Constantinos Moraitakis

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Mar 2014 6:28 pm | Apartments

The designer Constantinos Moraitakis designed this minimalist apartment located in Heraklion, Crete with clean shapes and a simple geometry that focuses on functionality and ergonomics.

The overall design of the apartment is modular, with the kitchen, dining room and office clearly defined but also using elements that integrate them into the same homogenous ambiance. The designers explain their design with an analogy to the biological organism that functions as a whole prescribing “less matter and more spirit” so that the space seems clear and pure rather than just look like an artificial construction.

Each element of the design was carefully studied to have a purpose for the overall functionality as well as to provide a cohesive piece of the overall aesthetic with exquisite craftsmanship. The resulting interior is very elegant and the neutral tones are enriched by small touches of color and by the addition of a large variety of textures as is usually the case in a minimalist design.



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