Stylish Apartment with Classic Design Features by Elvin Aliyev and Leyla Ibrahimova

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Sep 2014 7:30 pm | Apartments

This impressive apartment combines elegant features with a classical style and contemporary pieces to provide a comfortable setting designed through a collaboration between the interior designer Elvin Aliyev and Leyla Ibrahimova.

The apartment is owned by a doctor and the neutral overall tone is enriched with pieces like the chandelier or the highly diverse art pieces that bring extra textures, patterns and colors into the setting. The patterns and colors begin in the living room with an array of seating options to invite the inhabitants to relax.

The walls in the living area permit the space to appear larger and the flat television set blends into the ambiance when it isn’t used. The marble gives a natural touch to the end table and coffee table. The masculine living area is only a version, since the designers came with a brighter and more classical one which features classical art pieces and a more royal aesthetic choice.


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