Stylish and Colorful Warsaw Apartment

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Jun 2015 7:23 pm | Apartments

Modern design tries to stay away from strong colors and contrasts and rather opts for the neutral tones for its spaces and furnishings, but sometimes a different approach can result in unexpected results, such as in this case.

This apartment is located close to the central area of Warsaw, Poland and it tries to combine different styles to provide a hybrid between luxuriant design and minimalist tones, thus offering an unsettling but unique interior.

There is a glass wall which separates the kitchen from the dining area, the latter being decorated in a classical manner with furniture such as chairs from Egg or Panton.

You can see areas that are clearly modern with clean lines and neutral colors, or others that are flamboyant and make use of strong colors to attract the attention, and then there are the areas that just aim at comfort and elegance, such as the stunning bedroom with a rich décor that features gold and black as the predominant colors.



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