Stunning Villa in Thailand with an amazing interior

By : Mark V | 27 Nov 2011 12:29 am | Homes

This spectacular seven bedroom residence it’s located in one of the most beautiful locations from Thailand, Cape Yamu, Phuket, very close to a private beach. The lot is of 15,000 square meters while the house has an area of 2,005 square meters and it was a project designed by the architect Jean-Michel Gathy.

The location is exclusive,the private beach offering a spectacular view but also the privacy most search for when they choose a holiday destination.

The tall windows can be noticed very quickly,the designer chose this element as a way of capturing the light,making the rooms receive natural light while the interior design shows off simplicity and pure elegance with the use of the most used contrast in the world: black and white.

The décor elements were chosen by designer Debbie Oppenheimer and they seem to fit the surroundings,giving Phang Nga Bay a touch of class.

The villa has all the facilities you seek in a holiday house: jacuzzy, gym, home theater, sauna and a huge swimming pool. Apart from the regular decorations the rooms are also adorned with sculptures, paintings and other works of art.It`s the place to be, if you want to indulge yourself in a modern paradise.


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