Studio Apartment from HBO’s Girls by Laura Ballinger Gardner

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Nov 2013 7:38 pm | Interiors

Although this apartment is fictional we can still appreciate its beauty which was created by the production designer Laura Ballinger Gardner for the HBO series Girls.

The interior is a fictional home located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of New York City’s Brooklyn and features a very efficient layout for the small space. The entire set was built in only four days and it takes advantage of the high ceilings to create a mezzanine bedroom in which Charlie sleeps. This offers enough room left for a lounge area and the storage areas are placed beneath the stairs to reduce the space they occupy and increase the overall efficiency.

The bed was placed in an area that receives natural light from a window making it even more plausible. The loft also includes a dining area that can become a work table and, according to the show, most of the furniture was built by Charlie himself with the expertise he accumulated during the carpentry and architecture jobs.



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