Streetdome by CEBRA and Glifberg + Lykke

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Oct 2014 8:13 pm | Other

Streetdome is a fusion of architecture, design and landscaping, with an aesthetic created through the collaboration between the CEBRA architectural practice and Glifberg + Lykke to design a project that brings together the park along the waterfront of Haderslev, Denmark.

The streetdome spreads over a surface of 1500 square meters with a 4500 square meter skatepark and its design started in 2011 to bring a new level of unorganized sports into the city by the creation of a huge open playground and meeting space for people of all ages.

The initiative for the project began with the chairman of the Skatecity association Morten Hansen who wanted to create a cultural hub and activity setting and the practice of Glifberg + Lykke proposed three main sections that would host a street plaza to spread around the flow section and a park with ditches and banks. All elements have a rhythm that challenges your skating capacity so that they can be used be beginners as well as professionals at the same time.


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