Storrs by Tim Stewart Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Sep 2014 11:11 am | Homes

Storrs is a residential project located in Queensland, Austria on a 18 hectare site which was designed by the Tim Stewart Architects practice for a family who owned the area for almost 30 years and wanted a home into the small orchard.

The farm has returned to its natural state since the owners are planning to retire and the original home was sold a long time ago. During the recent days the residents wanted a new home which would be suitable for their retirement to be fitting for their lifestyle and values while also reflecting the entire history of the place.

The site was previously occupied by the water tanks for the irrigation of the orchard and the house now acts as the central element of the entire property. There is a large dam next to the home with the outdoor terrace offering a direct view toward it and the rest of the residence surrounds the courtyard garden which grows tomatoes, herbs and various other vegetables.


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