Step Tower by EASTERN design office

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Jul 2013 4:46 pm | Other

Located in Ibaraki-city in Osaka, Japan the Step Tower is a residential project with ten floors of tenant spaces and apartment houses designed by the EASTERN design office.

The exterior is completely white creating a striking contrast to the colorful buildings surrounding it taking its inspiration from a ship in the middle of the ocean according to the designers. The southwest side hosts the balconies and the holes for them are bigger once the building gets higher so that the inhabitants have a better view of the sky as they get higher and above the adjacent buildings.

The simple but efficient design that offers residential space needed in a growing area with developing industrial and educational features.

The tower is located in the shopping district so that the inhabitants will have access to everything they need and the project offers tenant spaces on the first floor, one room apartments from the second to the fourth floor and larger 2 or three room apartments starting with the fifth floor.



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