Starbucks coffee shop in a Swiss train

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Nov 2013 8:47 am | Other

Starbucks opened a new coffee shop but this time they chose a mobile location in a train that is very convenient for the commuters of Geneva, Switzerland. The shop contains everything you want to find in a Starbucks shop and will make your travels better with good coffee and an elegant design.

The interior has warm wooden tones on the furniture to remind the visitors of the color of coffee, with leather seats, small tables and a barista that can be used as a waitstaff. There are several types of seats so that you can find your place during either large gatherings, when travelling with company, or just enjoy a private coffee.

The exterior welcomes you with an easy to notice company’s logo and once inside you see the entire area with tables for four on one side and smaller ones for only two persons on the other side in a manner similar to that of a train restaurant.



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